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Suspension Overhaul

Whether your vehicle has leaf springs or the later coil spring independent front suspension, we are able to overhaul each system to restore the ride. In general, we find that original spring leaves do lose their temper, necessitating resetting and retempering.

It is more usual that individual spring leaves require renewal due to wear and corrosion. Shock dampers can also be overhauled and reset to original performance, incorporating modern oil seals to eliminate troublesome oil leaks.

Steering Overhaul

Steering linkage

Unwanted free play in the steering can be reduced by ensuring the steering joints are in good order. This will also reduce the possibility of experiencing the ‘steering shimmy’, set off when a front wheel hits a bump or drops into a hole.

When overhauling the steering we pay particular attention to the steering joints and overhaul or renewal of this assembly can significantly improve the steering. Steering castor/camber and track can be adjusted/set.

Chassis Restoration

The chassis and running gear is restored to the best possible condition. Mechanical parts are dismantled and refurbished or renewed as required, to return the chassis to near-original condition. The electrical wiring is renewed and electrical units overhauled as necessary. The cosmetic appearance of all parts are restored to the specification agreed with the owner.

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Our Recent Restorations

One of the most recent restorations is a1972 Jaguar e-type which has been restored back to its former glory. This British icon will receive a complete body overhaul and re-spray, replacing any corroded panels where appropriate. The car will be finished to a high standard.

- Jaguar XK150
- Lagonda M45
- Classic Mini Cooper
- Rover V8 3500
- Austin Ruby

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Take a look at our recent projects and latest news, ranging from the 1904 Oldsmobile, BlueBird K3, E Type V12 Jag and 1936 Lagonda Restoration.

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