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Coach Painting

Traditionally, coach-painting involved the manual application, using specially selected brushes, of numerous coats of coach-enamel. The advent of the spray-gun and cellulose paints introduced a completely new dimension into the whole process.

As in all painting, the quality of the final result is determined by the quality of the preparation. Our in-house full baking oven can be used with traditional cellulose or modern two pack paints/ water based paints.

After remedial/repair works have been carried out, the vehicle is prepared for etch priming or zinc coating (for rust prevention) depending on material. Next is a high quality primer filler consisting of two coats, which is then baked. The next stage is complete wet flatting of the vehicle by hand, any imperfections are then repaired/re-primed. We then de-grease, body wipe and tack rag the body before three to five coats of top colour are applied depending on product and application. The vehicle is then oven baked and rested, before the final buff and polish and inspection.

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Our Recent Restorations

One of the most recent restorations is a1972 Jaguar e-type which has been restored back to its former glory. This British icon will receive a complete body overhaul and re-spray, replacing any corroded panels where appropriate. The car will be finished to a high standard.

- Jaguar XK150
- Lagonda M45
- Classic Mini Cooper
- Rover V8 3500
- Austin Ruby

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