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Axle & Gearbox

Front axle

The precise handling of the car is dependent upon the condition of the front axle and associated parts and overhauling the front axle can make a major improvement in this area. New parts manufactured to manufacturer specifications can be fitted as required. Neglect of the lubrication system can have a significant effect on the lightness of the steering and this will often give rise to early failure of certain parts.

Rear axle

Transmission noises can be cured by an overhaul of the rear axle, renewing bearings and resetting the gears. A higher ratio gear set can also be fitted to improve comfort while touring, with little or no detriment to lower speed performance, particularly in conjunction with a rebuilt and improved engine.

Hubs and brake drums on both front and rear axles may require attention. The majority of pre-war cars have road wheels that are mounted on splined hubs. Due to neglect over the years, the external splines on the hubs can be worn. In addition, the internal driving splines on the rear hubs are often slack. Replacement hubs are available for many models to overcome these problems.

Gearbox Overhaul

After many miles of enjoyment, gearbox wear may become an issue for your vehicle. If this is the case, then the gearbox may benefit from the fitting of new bearings, resetting the clearances of the critical components and very occasionally the fitting of new gears.

The majority of the parts required can be sourced from established links within the industry.

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